Live Productions


the.humanest by Peter Musante

BBD's Guest Collaborative Residency (GCR)

SEPTEMBER 16th @ 8pm
SEPTEMBER 17th @ 8pm

SEPTEMBER 23th @ 8pm
SEPTEMBER 24th @ 2pm & 8pm
at UM's Masquer Theatre

An investigation of authenticity in performance, inspired by the work of Alan Turing, and performed by NYC-based Peter Musante, BBD Company Members and local guest performers. the.humanest repurposes the "Turing Test" replacing Turing's question "Can machine's think?" with "Can a performance be authentic?"


an attic an exit by Rachael Lincoln and Leslie Seiters

BBD's Guest Performance Residency (GPR)

NOVEMBER 11th @ 8pm
NOVEMBER 12th @ 2pm & 8pm

NOVEMBER 13th @ 6pm
at UM's Open Space Theatre (PARTV 005)

Upon entering their world, Rachael and Leslie's movement becomes language, objects become characters, and everyday logic is suspended. With equal concern for precision and wonder, Lincoln and Seiters integrate influences from contemporary dance, visual art, fiction, aerial dance, and theater.


Kinetoscope:  Screendance Film Festival

JANUARY 28th: Screening A @ 4pm, Screening B @ 6pm
JANUARY 29th: Screening B @ 4pm, Screening A @ 6pm
at The Roxy Theater

Back by popular demand, Kinetoscope investigates the fertile terrain of dance captured on camera.  As Montana's only annual international screendance film festival, Kinetoscope offers audiences two unique programs full of inspired collaborations between choreographers and film-makers.



MARCH 25th @ 8pm
MARCH 26th @ 6pm

MARCH 31st @ 8pm
APRIL 1st @ 8pm

APRIL 2nd @ 6pm
at UM's Open Space Theatre (PARTV 005)

A showcase-style production paring Missoula's professional choreographers with local musicians and set on the dynamic BBD Company Members plus guests.  Join us for a splendid concert of Western Montana's finest musicians and dancers pushing boundaries and inspiring new works.


Hysteria by Kelly Bouma

MAY 11th @ 8pm
MAY 12th @ 8pm

MAY 13th @ 8pm
MAY 18th @ 8pm
MAY 19th @ 8pm
at Missoula's downtown Union Hall
208 E. Main St.
(upstairs of the Union Club)

For this final show of the BBD season, the talented BBD Company Members bring a new level of theatrical physicality and nuanced dance performance to the stage under the collaborative efforts of BBD Co-Directors Kelly Bouma and Joy French.  The company delves deeply in exploring the cultural psychosis, history, and misinformation of hysteria… perhaps even inspiring their own mass dance hysteria among Western Montana audiences!